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  To promote solar thermal and solar photovoltaic system/ devices, bio energy system/ devices and other renewable energy based systems for various applications.
  To establish by the society akshay urja shops for purchase and sale of renewable energy as per the guidelines of central/ state Governments outlets of renewable energy systems/ devices by the society and provide the facility of purchasing at grass root level.
  To undertake production of Non conventional sources of energy as per the guidelines issued by the central/ state Governments and sale it to Government, local bodies, co-operative society and private sector.
  To manufacture and assemble apparatus required for the production of Non conventional sources of energy and fulfill the demand of Non conventional sources of energy in various schemes of central / state Governments.
  To identify, formulate and implement schemes relating to energy plantations aimed at supplementing energy requirements of the State by harnessing solar energy, bio energy, wind energy and other renewable sources of energy.
  To sponsor, coordinate or promote research programs or projects of a developmental nature involving development of prototypes, pilot plant investigations in the area of new sources of alternate energy.
  To take up demonstration programme in the field of Non-conventional energy sources and create awareness and popularize the utility aspect of non-conventional energy systems among the people.
  To promote sale of equipment relating to alternate sources of energy by offering, marketing, publicity and such other support as may be found necessary and liaise with other Agencies in the country and/or abroad in the field of alternate sources of energy.
  To advise the State Government, Central Government, Panchayats, Municipal Corporations and other local bodies and bodies and Semi Government agencies in the State and elsewhere on all such matterspertaining to alternate energy resources.
  To undertake on its own or in collaboration or through some other arrangement with national or international agencies programme of research, application, extension and development of energy resources.
  To undertake or sponsor studies of environmental effect of energy generation, distribution and utilization and take special steps to foster among the people the concept of utilization of alternate sources of energy as a part of their life and environment.
  To sponsor or undertake techno-economic and socio-economic feasibility studies or cost benefit analysis with respect to additional and renewable sources of energy.