Solar LED Street Lightning

Solar LED   Street Lightning

AKASH looks to implement the below projects in recent times.

   Solar Powered LED Street Lights manufactured by us use microprocessor based intelligent circuitry to manage the power. This results in reduction of maintenance costs and allows for long years of usage. These are stand-alone systems with dusk-to-dawn operational capacity and can work independently of grid power. The 4 days autonomy feature enables continued usage even during cloudy days when charge in the batteries is low. The advanced dimming option on cloudy days adds to optimized performance.

The systems come with Battery Overcharge to prevent heating and Low Battery protection to protect battery life. The solar modules used are manufactured to specification by AKASH and are configured to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.

We provide the required installation and service support through our wide network of dealers. Training can also be provided to designated personnel if needed. For more information, please send us an email with your requirements to: